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Haulage and Custom Clearance

ACL's Hazardous Materials Cargo Departments (HCD), complete with sophisticated information systems, provides customers with the highest level of information and compliance for the transportation of hazardous materials.
Our specially trained staff constantly stays abreast of international, national, and even local regulations affecting the transportation of hazardous cargo. With this in-house expertise, ACL is prepared to move almost all types of hazardous materials, including:

Fill-in and print a hazardous declaration form
Updates on the latest hazardous information

Explosives (Class 1)
Flammable gases (Class 2.1)
non-flammable gases (Class 2.2)
toxic gases (Class 2.3)
Flammable liquids (Class 3)
Flammable solids (Class 4.1)
Spontaneous combustibles (Class 4.2)
Dangerous when wet (Class 4.3)
Oxidizing Substances (Class 5.1)
Organic Peroxides (Class 5.2)
Toxic Substances (Class 6.1)
Radioactive (Class 7)
Corrosives (Class 8)
Miscellaneous dangerous substances (Class 9)