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Vendor management and buyer's consolidation are our profession, We have done the vendor arrangement and buyer's consolidation for many of our overseas customers. No matter it is FCL,LCL big or small quantity, We could offer the cheapest ,convenient, timely solution to our customers and their vendors .And let them have their goods status and conditions timely and efficiently based on their PO number or Order number, We will update their shipment status to the customer timely and efficiently on every week basis and let the customer know their goods production status and shipment schedule on time.

We will be in charge of corresponding and coordinating with all of your vendors about your shipment status and update you on time and also we can offer single or multiple vendor shipment consolidation service into an full container at an cost-saving ,economic way.

We also have cargo inspection team. All the inspectors are professionally trained. We will take all the photos for our customer and measure and inspect everything as per the customer's specific requirement.
So the core service will be:
1) vendor coordination and corresponding
2) updated goods production status and shipment schedule timely based on PO/ORDER NO.
3) single & multiple vendor consolidation into an full container
Attached is our cargo inspection application form and inspection report form, If you need us to arrange the inspection of your goods, Please kindly send application now