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International Supply Chains are complex and diversify, to support customer’s purchasing, transportation and distribution activities, Interfreight offer tailor-made solutions to satisfy customer’s unique requirement, from origin to destination.

Our key supply chain models include:

PO ManagementEffective PO management is a vital element of a stable and smooth supply chain; we initiatively coordinate with vendor on open orders, and track the status & milestone throughout the order cycle.br Early involvement means more time
and flexibility to plan and act.

Origin ManagementOrigin management is driving force of the supply chain, with facilities located in major sourcing areas in China, our expertise and practical experience in the local market, Interfreight help customers to optimize and improve control over supply chain
operations at origin:

☛ Buyer Consolidation
☛ Origin Distribution
☛ Multi-country Consolidation
☛ Multi-Vendor Groupage
☛ DC by-pass & Store Delivery

Warehousing and Inventory ManagementOur network of warehouses are strategically located in regional logistics hub, including general warehouse, bonded warehouse in free trade zone and customs supervision warehouse, providing designated and/or shared warehousing services at customer’s option.
We manage the warehouses in 6S way to ensure customer’s assets are in the good and safe condition, periodically conduct cycle-count to monitor the inventory accuracy. In addition, we design and implement series of warehouse value-added service to facilitate the satisfaction in customer’s unique demands.

Supplier ManagementWe hold vendor seminars and deliver trainings to suppliers, which help them better understand customer requirements and standard operating procedures.
By constantly measuring and evaluating supplier’s logistics performance, and identifying areas for continuous improvement, we always seek ways to enhance the efficiency in supply chain operation.

Carrier ManagementWe work closely with customer’s designated carriers at origin and have full understanding of each carrier’s local practice
We manage weekly/monthly carrier allocation, service contract, volume commitment, etc. according customer’s indication.
We gather and analyze statistics on carrier’s performance, such as space released vs. requested, equipment availability, rolls and/or delays, transit-time accuracy, etc. These kinds of information are then visible to customer and could be incorporated into carrier performance reports.

Documentation ManagementOur specialists are experienced in managing all kinds of paperwork required in international trade and shipping. Our experts review, validate and verify all documents to ensure its correctness, completeness, clearness and conformity; and make sure the documents are available at the right time.

Exception ManagementUnexpected issues could be raised at anywhere and anytime in any supply chains activity, which need to be cared for in a unique manner, typically very labor intensive and time consuming. Interfreight serves as your extended team of logistics experts to handle exceptions quickly, professionally, effectively and efficiently. To always maintain control over the shipment and thus have supply chain run smoothly as planned.

Data Visibility and ReportingWe provide customers with date visibility via various reports on an ad-hoc basis, help customers to maintain control of their international freight.