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That our well-established relationships with various airlines, such as Fedex, UPS,CA ,CZ ,QR,EK,MU,HU,KE ,SQ , BA, etc. Who favor us with privileges and along with our global network enables us to serve you worldwide with safety, agility and economy either during busy season or slow season.
Our air freight door-to-door service for import and export businesses involves global chartering, forwarding, custom clearance, and transportation from factories in any foreign country to designated warehouses.

General cargoInterfreight Logistics provides one-stop air transportation services including pickup, shrink-wrap, palletize, packaging, documentation, air transport and arranges for destination port services including Customs clearance and door delivery.

Oversize cargoInterfreight Logistics provides professional measurement of the goods, the initial assessment of bulky goods and the development of an accurate feasibility report;
Appropriate booking freight options, pros and cons analysis and specific quotes for customers will be developed by experts based on the measured results from booking databases.

Valuables transportationMonitoring the valuables in the whole process of transportation, using the advanced equipment such as CCTV, GPS etc. Using "Valuable" and "Frangible" label, so more careful when operating;
Providing secure and reliable packing service;
We can also provide transport insurance.

Air express transportationTo meet the customer’s urgent transportation demand, we guarantee to load the cargo on booked flight and ensure the flight time.