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Ground Transportation

Our partner Yi Xing International Logistics (Shenzhen) Ltd, approved by China Economic and Trade Commission and Bureau of Shenzhen Transportation, audited by Shenzhen Administration for Industry and Commence, is a legal trading and container transportation company for import and export.

Our complete service, which consists import and export transportation, terminal clearance, custom clearance, domestic transportation, is offered based on our principle that we have set up to achieve low cost, short cycle, one stop service, innovation of mutual benefit.

All our transportation vehicles, including Steyr, Dongfeng, Jiefang, all equipped with GPS system, stand by for service. With the development of e-commence, we intend to expand our logistics business and provide the best service, timely solutions, low cost and better value for our customers. In addition to the continual innovation, we implement internal professional training programs to enhance our service. With our ambition and what we have already possessed in the advantage of quality, competitive price and 24 hours tracking assurance, we believe that we are your best choice. The cooperation and development can be very promising and mutually beneficial.