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To: Interfreight Logistics Co.,Ltd ATTN:
Please arrange the inspection according to the information as below: Applicant 申請者資訊
Company Name公司名稱:
Address 地址:
Contact Person 聯繫人: Tel:
Email: Fax:
Product Information 產品資訊
Product Description产品名称:
Product Model 型号: P.O. NO.订单编号:
Buyer 买家: Destination 目的地:
Supplier 供货商: Manufacturer 生产商:
Packing type 包装类型: Quantity/Total value 数量/总价值:
Expected Inspection Date 驗貨日期:
Remark:2 working days advance notice is appreciated, and the products shall be 90% produced and at least 80% packed on the inspection date 请提前2个工作日正式通知我司,验货当日产品需90%制造完成而且至少80%包装完成
Inspection Location 验货地址
Factory Name 工廠名稱:
Factory Address 工廠地址:
Contact Person 聯繫人: Tel:
Email: Fax:
Services requested 申請服務專案
Scope of Inspection 申請驗貨專案
Required Samples 抽樣要求
Document Enclosed 隨附文件